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Letter: Kids are going to be kids, people!

This is a chilling story because of both the camera and the police interest. The travesty of this modern age is that readily-available technology serves the insatiable power-mania of the enforcer class. Whereas it was once accepted that kids will be kids, now young people face possibly having their lives damaged just for being... well, stupid young people.

When I was growing up, sneaking into abandoned properties was the regional pastime. Some of us got caught drinking occasionally, too, but I never heard of such an idiotic thing as an underage consumption charge. Simple booze confiscation was the customary punishment.

Of course dumb kids are going to drink and trespass. Everybody knows that. Look, I'm all for law and order, but we've gone so crazy now that we've started crucifying youngsters for doing the same silly things that their forbears did habitually, and usually got away with. The Fergus Falls Police Department is actually "seeking" a girl for being curious about an abandoned mental Hospital?!

May as well lock me up, then, because such places were irresistible to my generation. Kids are gonna be kids, people!

Moser lives in West Fargo.