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Letter: We need to have an honest conversation about guns

Guns don't kill people. People kill people with guns. That said, most people agree no weapons of any kind should be freely and without hesitation handed out like Halloween candy.

The number of shootings in 2018, whether at several schools across the country or the YouTube headquarters in California, is deeply-alarming. We cannot sweep the 20-plus incidents that have happened since the beginning of this year under the rug, but at what point will this horrendous, useless cruelty stop?

The rights of individuals are diminishing what is best for this country, the humans who reside within it and the rest of the world watching these tragic events as they occur. I imagine most responsible gun owners use firearms for protection, among other things, considering they may not trust the government to protect their family. Personally, with the amount of gun-related violence happening almost weekly, I find it hard to blame them, but the U.S. does need to have a conversation about gun laws far away from the institutions that try to manipulate and control people's perspectives.

Stop shooting each other. It is not that hard.

Crume lives in Moorhead.