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Letter: Why weaken protections for pre-existing conditions?

Back in February, North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem joined with 19 other attorney generals to attack the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Last week the president instructed his attorneys to stop defending the clause which affords equal and affordable coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, reversing his previously (and numerously) stated position in support of that protection.

I don't know about everyone else, but I don't think I know anyone without some sort of pre-existing condition. But today, I want to talk about my mother. About five years ago she was diagnosed with Parkinson's, a debilitating neurological disease with no known cause. She ate healthy, didn't smoke and exercised daily. No one saw it coming, and no one could have prevented it.

While she is still generally healthy--thank God--she went into early retirement last year because of her condition after many longs years of hard work. Without numerous medications, who knows if she would still be able to walk, type or even speak. These medications aren't cheap.

Do you want an attorney general and a governor who would cast honest, hard-working citizens into poverty? I know I don't.

Larsen lives in Fargo.