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Woman riding bicycle killed in crash with SUV northwest of Fargo

Letter: Pres. Trump was right to hand DACA's fate to Congress

I wish to address the hysteria over the six-month deadline Pres. Trump has given Congress to enact legislation to either fix DACA by passing legitimate legislation or allow it to expire.

This, in my opinion, boils down to two approaches which our country is faced with: Are we going to be a country ruled by our hearts or by our heads? By "hearts" I mean irrational emotion, feel-good solutions and an easy-way-out approach to governing this country. Governing with our "heads" would mean we follow our Constitution as our Founding Fathers intended it, we continue to be a country of laws, enacted by our legislators not some president by "executive action." It means we continue to have three equal branches of government and a separation of powers.

Our leaders took an oath to "uphold our Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic." Where is the "upholding" taking place? I don't see it.

In the long run, ruling with our heads is going to be the kindest route to go as I am confident that given this directive, our legislators will come up with a bill that is both fair, kind and within our Constitution.

Pres. Obama repeated several times that DACA was not in his purview to do, yet he did by "executive action." The surprising part is that he got away with it! Now Pres. Trump simply wants to hand it to the branch of government that our Constitution has given the power to do such things.

Let's restore our form of government as intended by our Founding Fathers and outlined in our constitution.

Choate is from Fargo.