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Letter: Many thanks to Mike Hahn for his time with the DCP

The resignation of the Downtown Community Partnership's president and CEO, Mike Hahn, should not be viewed as a setback or an obstacle for the thriving downtown Fargo community, but rather, an opportunity.

On behalf of myself, and I am sure the rest of the DCP board, we thank Mr. Hahn for his seven years of dedication and service to downtown Fargo. We must gratefully acknowledge his accomplishments and the advancements he helped bring to fruition—the implementation of the Business Improvement District, the wildly successful events he helped make happen in downtown such as ESPN's Game Day and the Fargo Marathon, and the day-to-day running of an ever-growing and changing downtown community. I wish him nothing but the best in his new endeavors and have no doubt he will find success in Mankato.

With that said, it is an exciting opportunity for the DCP and downtown to welcome the challenge of finding a new president and CEO who has a fresh vision, new ideas and undeterred drive to keep downtown Fargo thriving and maintain its relevance and vibrancy in new ways. Downtown Fargo is the community's front porch, and it has become a model that other communities wish to emulate.

I look forward to new leadership that will embrace the exciting changes and growth of downtown Fargo and will continue to find new ways to make downtown Fargo not only a Midwest treasure, but also a national gem.

Downtown, Baby!

Danz is a DCP board member and the manager of Zandbroz Variety.