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Letter: Trump has already done more good than Obama ever dreamed of

I love my president. He has already done more good than Obama ever dreamed of doing.

In spite of everything good, the crybabies will not stop lying on the floor kicking and screaming, "He is not my president."

The Democrat political elite point their fingers accusing him of all they themselves are guilty. In addition, the media keeps the ruse alive and well. It is slander, but that is how the swamp fights back. Every day is a new lie. They intend to kill him with a thousand cuts. They are not concerned about the country, just staying in power. I want to tap them on the shoulder and say, "Oh by the way, you lost. You are not in charge here. There is a new sheriff in town. You are dead so lay down."

The swamp knows if their antics do not work, people will see the truth of Trump that he is the best our country has ever had, and the liberal Democratic Party will go kicking and screaming into the sunset never taken seriously again.

Willem lives in Moorhead.