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Letter: Oil execs contributing to Cramer's campaign isn't much of a scoop

After reading the groundbreaking investigative journalism in Mike McFeely's article published April 18th, "Dakota Access execs among Rep. Cramer's oil campaign donors," I'm sure those who decide the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for journalism are polishing the prize and shipping it to "Scoop" Mcfeely this week.

Let's see, Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., supported the building of the DAPL and was vocal about his position and now we learned that some of his campaign donations come from those who were involved in building the pipeline? Wow! Double wow! Who would have thought that?

Seriously, The Forum pays a salary for Mcfeely to write stories like this? Ok, here are some headlines for future investigative articles: "Fargo's Northern location could contribute to colder winter temperatures." Or maybe this one, "Studies show those who have more birthdays actually live longer." Or perhaps this one, "Scoring more points than your opponent could lead to victory." Make room on that shelf now as the journalism prizes will be rolling in.

Grenyo lives in Fargo.