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McFeely: For local conservative radio host's benefit, here is NDSU police report on Will Gardner

Scott Hennen announces he has purchased radio station The Flag Thursday morning at the downtown Fargo studio. Dave Wallis / The Forum

Fargo-based radio host Scott Hennen raised the specter that teen-aged female victims of window-peeper Will Gardner might have “tried to lure somebody in to watch” by leaving their curtains open.

Hennen also dismissed the one-time North Dakota Secretary of State candidate’s 2006 citation for peeping into numerous windows at a North Dakota State University freshman female dorm as a one-time “mistake” that should be forgiven. The radio host also wondered why Gardner’s political career might be finished because of window-peeping while the Democratic candidate Josh Boschee’s career continues even though Boschee is openly homosexual, a “sin” in Hennen’s view.

In a roughly 3 1/2 minute monologue on Gardner and Boschee this week, Hennen begins by saying, “What we saw in the paper on Friday doesn’t define one man. It’s a mistake.”

Gardner was the Republican Secretary of State candidate who said he will drop out of the race after The Forum reported on a 2006 incident in which he was cited for disorderly conduct after getting caught looking into multiple windows of a female dorm at NDSU.

Hennen began his monologue by telling a story about being “out and about at a lot of different grad parties and things and I heard people chattering about this.”

Hennen said he heard many people say, “I blame the girl. What were the drapes doing open in this dorm? What was she thinking? Was that intended? Did she try to lure somebody in to watch?”

Hennen doesn’t say if he read the NDSU police report relating to the incident. But if he had he might’ve replied to these “people” who blamed “the girl” that Gardner was actually caught looking into “at least 6 different room windows on the west side of South Weible,” according to the police report. “It should be noted that some of these windows were lighted and the rooms clearly occupied as this was going on. At one point, as Motl (the security guard who initially spotted Gardner) watched him, William appeared to get ‘spooked’ and quickly returned to his van, bent and acted as if he was tying his shoe for a moment, before returning to look into more windows.”