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How to identify family in found photos

Thanks to a photographer stamp on the photo, a man was able to identify the people in this photograph as the Otto and Effie Olson family. Special to The Forum1 / 3
A man wrote Neighbors wondering if anyone knows who this family is. Special to The Forum2 / 3
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist3 / 3

It's not uncommon for folks to find pictures of people they can't identify. But here's one that literally blew in.

A man from south Moorhead who wishes to remain anonymous writes that the first picture you see here blew into his yard about 10 years ago.

"For many years it hung in my garage," he writes. "I always wondered who they were.

"I called them 'The Walters.' Not sure why, but it seemed to fit."

Maybe you can identify them.

Family identified

On the other hand, this man was able to identify some folks in another old picture.

"Many years ago," he writes, "I found it (picture No. 2) in a thrift store that I felt didn't belong there, so my wife and I bought it for a couple of dollars.

"It sat on our table for a couple of years until I did some investigating. The stamp on it was from a photographer in Fergus Falls (Minn.), so I emailed the Fergus Falls Daily Journal and they printed it.

"I was contacted within days by two daughters of two different siblings in the picture and I was happy to give it to them."

"Talking to them," he says, " I found that out of all the members of the Otto and Effie Olson family (in the picture), the only ones still alive are the two little girls in the front, and they are in their 80s."

The Olsons lived in the Fergus Falls/Rothsay area, he learned, while the two daughters are Elda, of Chandler, Ariz., who was 87 when she contacted him a couple of years ago, and Bette, then 85, of Inver Grove Heights, Minn.

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