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Hauser: An unexpected surprise

What an unexpected surprise my wife, Teri, and I will celebrate today! Seven years into our marriage, we were heart-broken to learn we were unable to physically give birth. Later that year our hearts rejoiced as God brought our miracle son into our life through the amazing gift of adoption. No child is "given up" for adoption, they are "loved into" adoption. The first time I held my son, at 26 hours old, I knew he was created by God to be my son.

As he grew up, we prayed and considered adopting a second child, including once when we were selected and agreed to adopt a baby until plans changed. We had a video of the ultrasound, baby names selected and some nursery supplies purchased. I don't know what the pain of a miscarriage feels like, but I do know the pain when a child is being born in your heart with anticipation building and the process ends.

In July of 2007 Teri got sick with a dreadful flu; the worst I have ever seen. It affected her throughout the summer and into the fall. There was indication it was West Nile virus but our doctor said it was too late in the season to test and the treatment would not change either way. In early December Teri continued to have symptoms of fatigue, fever and upset stomach. I asked her to please go back to the doctor. Her reply was, "No, when I tell them the symptoms, they will make me take a pregnancy test even after I tell them I cannot get pregnant. I hate that."

We had never done a home pregnancy test but I suggested I go to the store and buy one so we could rule out pregnancy and Teri would go to the doctor. At this point I am sure you can guess what's next; the home pregnancy test indicated she was pregnant. Here I was, at the age of 41, rushing out to multiple stores to buy three more brands of home pregnancy tests to convince my 39-year-old wife that she was pregnant.

Brooke was born on July 16th, 2008, and we will forever be thankful for the gift of our children. They are a blessing from the Lord. Brooke is our outgoing child who will cuddle with mom and dad for as often and as long as we will let her. She has a heart for God and for people. She makes us laugh and keeps us close. Our son is a visual reminder that God is always faithful and his plans are always better than our plans. Our daughter is a visual reminder that God can bring beauty, life and growth out of pain. It was the illness Teri endured from July through October, that allowed her to get pregnant. I pray you will acknowledge God's faithfulness, trust his plans, and seek him during times of pain.

God bless you. See you next Sunday! Happy Birthday, Brooke!

Hauser is founding and senior pastor, Prairie Heights of Fargo Moorhead. Email