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Letter: Another perspective on the Street Fair

In response to Brett Bernath's letter to the editor published July 16th, I'd like to offer another perspective on Street Fair as a small business owner.

I own Beyond Running and Outermost Layer on Broadway in Downtown Fargo. For the past 10 years, we have embraced the Street Fair. With many thousands of people passing by our store for three days in the middle of the summer, we couldn't be more excited to showcase our products and offer a great shopping experience. We line the sidewalks outside our doors with rows and rows of merchandise to sell. Some of our customers we see once a year, at Street Fair, and we look forward to the yearly interaction as patrons consider a stop at our stores part of their street fair experience.

Despite the increased traffic, we are able to host our weekly running club as street fair is happening. Our regular customers and run community find a way to make it to the store, even if it means parking a little further away.

Regarding the economic impact, I can say with absolute certainty that Street Fair is a boon for the local economy. If you think that all the money gets packed up and taken away with the street fair vendors, think again. In fact, we have vendors that patronize our stores each year to make purchases. Those vendors also need to eat after a long day selling their wares and do so at downtown establishments. Our employees enjoy the extra hours added to their paychecks. Street Fair traffic helps us reach some of our greatest sales of the year.

Embracing the free exposure brought by Street Fair allows us to truly showcase our skills as merchants, and we look forward to the fun — and the crowds — every year.

Loeffler owns Beyond Running and Outermost Layer on Broadway in Fargo.