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At an astounding 144 inches wide, the mother of all mattresses just hit the market

The Ace Collection / Facebook

A mattress fit for a king, well, technically two kings, just hit the market and consumers are in awe.

Ace Collection, an online retailer of all things bedding, recently launched its most colossal product yet: a 144-inch-wide mattress.

To be clear on just how wide that is, it is approximately the width of two king-size beds.

The mattress is available in either soft, medium or firm, with a starting price tag of $2,750 for the mattress alone.

The box spring for this specific mattress will set you back a whopping $600, with an upholstered bed frame with headboard setting you back another $5,000.

Add in the cost of bedding at $2,500, and you're looking at a final tab of over $10,000.