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Letter: Tax bill adds insult to injury for teachers

Teachers work long, hard hours for little pay — but most of us don't complain, because we didn't get into teaching for the money. Tax reform should help teachers and middle-class North Dakota families like those I've had the opportunity to educate — those who work hard and play by the rules.

I am disappointed in Rep. Kevin Cramer's support of the recent House bill, which would remove the tax deductions so many teachers like me count on when we buy school supplies for our classrooms. This tax deduction of $250 merely skims the surface of what teachers spend on supplies, snacks or milk money for our students. Teachers pick up the extra costs because schools can't afford to provide them due to budget cuts and funding shortfalls.

Adding insult to injury, the bill would actually increase taxes for 30,000 middle-class North Dakota Families who earn less than $106,000 per year. Families who North Dakota teachers have helped educate for many generations. How does increasing taxes help our families and children prosper?

Tax reform should provide a leg up to teachers and middle-class families, because we're working hard to help North Dakota children succeed, and in turn, strengthen North Dakota communities — we don't deserve the tax hikes included in this bill.

Dullum lives in West Fargo.