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Air quality ‘safe’ after Minot recycling plant fire, but health advisory issued

Thick, black smoke pours into the air from the Earth Recycling Inc. plant in northwest Minot after a fire started on Thursday morning. Firefighters were still on the scene Friday and a health advisory was issued in the area. Minot Daily News photo
MINOT, N.D. -- Officials from the North Dakota Department of Health said Friday that they have found no issues with the air quality in the area of a fire at Earth Recycling Inc. in northwest Minot. The department continues to monitor the air and other environmental impacts in the area and has detected no chemicals in the air, although small pieces of ash and soot are in the air causing some concerns..

The area’s First District Health Unit did issue a health advisory recommending  that

anyone in the area with respiratory ailments, such as asthma, bronchitis or emphysema, should stay inside, close their windows, and shut off their furnaces or air conditioners until the smoky haze clears.

The health unit also said anyone experiencing symptoms of respiratory distress should seek medical care immediately and that those concerned about the smoke may choose to stay inside or temporarily leave the area.

The fire started Thursday morning at 3005 4 th Ave. NW near the U.S. Highway 83 West Bypass. Roads in the area have reopened, but speed limits have been temporarily reduced as there are still firefighters on the scene, along with trucks and other equipment.