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Simple advice to improve your security as a homeowner

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FARGO — Fargo police are warning homeowners about common security mistakes that leave people vulnerable to break-ins.

"We like to think this won't happen in Fargo, but it's getting more real." says Jamie Lambert, a homeowner in Fargo.

As the number of crimes rises with the temperatures, Fargo police are warning homeowners of what they call, "common security mistakes."

"Typically we do see those increases with the warmer weather because those opportunities exist because the garage doors are being left open. Even at night, too, you know, you've got children out, riding their bikes late at night, playing with their friends. So sometimes they don't really think about what could happen." says Fargo Police Officer Jessica Schindeldecker.

You may have heard of not leaving your windows and doors unlocked, but left-out tools like ladders provide access too.

Beyond locking up, folks also should be weary of closing cracked vehicle windows.

Thieves can access your home with a quick click of your garage remote.

Social media has proven helpful as well, as Facebook photos of a burglar, caught on a home surveillance system was arrested earlier this week.

Another mistake people can make is posting their whereabouts on social media.

"Make sure, if you're going to be doing that, make sure your privacy settings are as tight as possible, so that only people you know and trust are gonna be able to see that you're out of town." says Schindel.

You can find more information about specific areas and incidents of crime on the city of Fargo's website HERE.