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My Vision for West Fargo's Future...

Im asking you to return me to the mayors desk for another term. If I am re-elected, I pledge the following to you.

1.We will finish construction on Sheyenne Street and other streets and avenues to provide a safer, faster commute for our residents and add interest and vitality to our downtown area.

2.We will continue to prioritize your safety by giving our police and fire departments the expertise and equipment they need to serve you quickly when you need them.

3.We will ensure that our streets and city services expand as our city grows, so we remain an efficiently run city for both our new and old residents.

4.We will continue to focus on recruiting and supporting new businesses to strengthen our tax base and help pay for infrastructure improvements.

5.Families, Veterans and Senior Citizens make our community strong and deserve our ongoing support when making decisions about our city.

These things are important to me and, I hope, important to you. I ask you to elect me to another term in office so I can continue to be your voice in city governance.

All the best,

Mayor Rich Mattern

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.