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A family fan: Comedian Bill Engvall keeps it clean onstage and onscreen

Comedian Bill Engvall plays Scheels Arena tonight. Special to The Forum

FARGO—While you might think something called the Blue Collar Comedy Tour could have been a little rough around the edges, the actual undertaking—or at least the recorded versions—were rated PG-13.

The most family-friendly of them all was Bill Engvall, the animated Texan whose punchline to bestow unto stupid people was "Here's your sign."

Engvall brings his clean-cut comedy to Scheels Arena tonight.

His inoffensive set isn't just an act. While some comics have made a splash by being outrageous and pushing buttons, the 60-year-old funnyman has made a career keeping it clean.

Engvall has been working the small screen for more than 27 years, most of the time playing the good guy in family-friendly shows, with the exception of "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!"

Here are some TV shows in which the funnyman plays the family-minded man.

"Delta" (1992 - '93)

The comic got his break with a role in "Designing Women," playing — for the first of seven times — a character named Bill. He must've done something right because when Delta Burke struck out in her own sitcom, Engvall was cast as the star's cousin and landlord.

"The Golden Palace" ('93)

"Delta" only lasted two seasons, which was one more than this "Golden Girls" spinoff. Still, Engvall made the most of his role on the show, playing Blanche's son and aspiring comic, Matthew Devereaux.

"The Jeff Foxworthy Show" ('96 - '97)

When the sitcom was rebooted, producers switched wives, added a kid—Jonathan Lipnicki—and brought in Foxworthy's real-life friend Engvall to play his onscreen best friend named Bill. Duh.

Bill Engvall and Jennifer Lawrence in "The Bill Engvall Show". Special to The Forum

"The Bill Engvall Show" (2007 - '09)

After the Blue Collar Comedy tours blew up, Engvall landed his own show as a family counselor named — wait for it — Bill. The show is notable not only for Engvall's star vehicle, but for giving Jennifer Lawrence an early role as his teenage daughter.

Bill Engvall and Tim Allen in "Last Man Standing". Special to The Forum

"Last Man Standing" ('16)

If you never watched this show you probably still know of it because star Tim Allen has been complaining that conservative comedies don't play in Hollywood ever since the show was canceled earlier this year after six seasons. The show was also notable for the guest appearances, including two episodes in which Engvall played Reverend Paul.

Bill Engvall and Anna Fricks in "Wish for Christmas". Special to The Forum

"Wish for Christmas" ('16)

It doesn't get much more family-friendly than playing Santa Claus, unless it's Santa in a Christian movie about a teen who discovers her faith after she wished her parents lost theirs so she could attend a holiday party.

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What: Bill Engvall

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